Extensive Reading

Guidelines for including extensive reading in the reading courses

1.      Every freshman, sophomore, and junior student is required to read at least 10 English books self-selected from the graded literature reader collections.

2.      Students submit a summary of a story book that they have completed reading to the teacher or TA to be checked and recorded.

3.      All required reading course instructors should apply for a TA to help keep records of students’ reading logs and progresses.

4.      Students should submit their reading logs and summaries for checking and recording at least once a month.

5.      This outside reading assignment will account for 15% of the course’s final grade.

6.      Those who fulfill the reading requirement will get a full mark (e.g., 100%); those who read less than 8 books will get a fail mark (e.g., below 50%).

7.      Steps for students to follow:

(1)   Select a book from the library, for example, graded readers published by Penguin, Heinemann, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

(2)   Read the book

(3)   Complete the reading log (see Appendix A)

(4)   Upload the reading log to the website (my e-learning)

(5)   Keep a record of the books you have read (see Appendix B)

Recommended Book Titles : List_1  List_2