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International students

Course Curriculum


So you want to learn English? Welcome to our department! You have just chosen an ideal place to do so. At STUST you will find a faculty devoted to achieving your aims of language improvement. We will help in developing a full range of core language skills in a friendly environment. We also hope by joining our department you will be stimulated not only in learning but self-improvement and a positive approach to achieving your personal goals.


Our bachelor program puts emphasis on cross cultural awareness. We aim to develop a greater world view, international outlook and maturity of attitude.

Course goals are not limited to the mere improvement of language skills but are carefully designed to enhance critical thinking, creativity and a broader vision of the world. We are looking forward to being enriched with an ever growing body of international students.


We have many opportunities for worldwide exchange programs and elective courses in languages such as Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese or German.

In your second year of study, as a sophomore student, you continue with core English courses but choose one of the following modules to focus on:

1) International Business Communication develops a knowledge and ability in the field of international business; on graduating you will have the basic skills required and thus be able to enter this field with confidence.

2) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which encompasses skills, practices and methodologies of teaching, will aid you in how to become a great teacher.

3) International Tourism is an ever growing market. Tainan, the city our university is based in, is a center of tourism in Taiwan, you will have ample opportunity to learn and practice your skills here and develop them for an international market.

*If you wish to see the full Curriculum please  CLICK HERE

Graduation Requirements

To graduate you must complete both:

a) Graduation Project: which is a 1 year research project, starting in the third year

b) Achieve scores of  700 -TOEIC,   5.5-IELTS