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Graduate Program

The graduate program aims to equip MA students with specific language skills and specialized knowledge for their future so that they will have the ability to adapt to a variety of fields, and choose from careers as diverse as international trade, business management, human resources, translation or English teaching.

Curriculum Features
1. Equal emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects.
2. Internationalization: students in the overseas group have to study abroad as exchange students for at least one year.
3. Meeting the needs of various sectors in the industries.
4. English requirements for program completion: Regular MA students must score no
less than 560 (paper-based TOEFL), 220 (CBT), 83 (IBT), 6.5 (IELTS), or 780(TOEIC), or must pass the second stage of the high intermediate level in GEPT or achieve an equivalent score in another aligned tests. Weekend in-service MA students must achieve a similar level in the following tests: 540 (paper-based TOEFL), 207(CBT), 76 (IBT), 6 (IELTS), or 760 (TOEIC).

Program Information
There are two strands in the graduate curriculum: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Business Communications.

For the TEFL students, the following courses are offered: Research Methods, Advanced English Writing, Methodology in TEFL, Linguistics and Language Teaching, Contrastive Analysis, Classroom Interaction, Statistics, Seminar in Reading Research and Instruction, Language Testing and Assessment, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis, and Independent Study.

For the Business Communications students, the following courses are offered: Research Methods, Advanced English Writing, Translating, Interpreting, Speech and Business Briefing, Communication and Negotiation, Statistics, and Independent Study.

Employment opportunities
Graduates can choose from many English-related jobs based on their interests and individual specializations. Possible positions include language teachers, economics and foreign trade experts, interpreters, mass media personnel, and English secretaries.