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Assistant Professors

Name: Chen , Kuei-Jung (Pamela)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T1014
Tel ext.: 8214
Email: pamelach@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., St. Petersburg State University
Research/Teaching: Russian, Linguistics, Lexicology
Name: Chen,Su-Lien (Elaine)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N505-2
Tel ext.: 6130
Email: suelien@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Research/Teaching: English and American Literature, Translation
Name: Lin, Yin-Hsin (Dennis)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T1015
Tel ext.: 8215
Email: cyberfox@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., English and American Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
Research/Teaching: English and American Literature, Translation in Practice, Business English, English Contract, English for Finance and Investment
Name: Chang, Shao-hua(Shaohua)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N509-2
Tel ext.: 6320
Email: shaohua@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., University of Hawaii-Manoa
Research/Teaching: Second Language Acquisition,English Teacher Training,ESL Curriculum and Instruction,Multicultural Education, Bilingual Education
Name: Huang, Yu-Hsiu (Yuhsiu)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T1012
Tel ext.: 8212
Email: yuhsiu@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., University of York
Research/Teaching: English Reading and Writing
Name: Yang, Ming-Lung (Roger)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T1139
Tel ext.: 8339
Email: roger@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., Foreign Language Education, University of Texas at Austin
Research/Teaching: CMC, CALL, Research Methods, Qualitative Research, English Language Pedagogy
Name: Shih,Yao-Hsi (José)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N509-6
Tel ext.: 6124
Email: donjose@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University
Research/Teaching: 18th-Century English Literature, Cultural Studies, Oral Training, Oral Communication Strategies, Etymology
Name: Lin, Fang-Li (Lily)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N509-4
Tel ext.: 6122
Email: lucialin@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University,Taiwan
Research/Teaching: 20th-Century English Literature, Doris Lessing Studies, Theatrical Practices, History of Western Drama, Oral Training, Translation
Name: Allen Walzem (Allen)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T0932
Tel ext.: 8182
Email: awalzem@yahoo.com
Degree: Ph.D., English and American Literature, National Cheng Kung University
Research/Teaching: Speech and Business Presentation,English conversation
Name: Liu, Tien-Ling(Tammy)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N509-1
Tel ext.: 6120
Email: tammy@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D.,University of Poitiers
Research/Teaching: Women's Literature,French, Writing, Children's Literature, English Literature
Name: Li, Chia-Yi (Allison)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: T1033
Tel ext.: 8233
Email: allison@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., Linguistics, National Kaohsing Normal University
Research/Teaching: Phonology Language Teaching, Applied English, Newspaper
Name: Jonathan Courtenay (Jonathan)
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: N505-1
Tel ext.: 6129
Email: jonathan@stust.edu.tw
Degree: Ph.D., TEFL, Reading University, UK
Research/Teaching: TEFL, Speech and Business Presentation