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Name: Teng, Ching-Hua (Joy)
Position: Instructor
Office: N507-4
Tel ext.: 6324
Email: joyteng@stust.edu.tw
Degree: MA in TESOL, Mississippi University
Research/Teaching: Business English, Conversation, International Trade in Practice
Name: Chu, Shan-Hui (Perci)
Position: Instructor
Office: N507-4
Tel ext.: 6324
Email: shanhui@stust.edu.tw
Degree: MA, Translation and Interpretation, Monterey International University
Research/Teaching: Interpretation and Translation
Name: Andrew Starck (Andy)
Position: Instructor
Office: N505-1
Tel ext.: 6129
Email: swimtaiwan@yahoo.com
Degree: MA, English Literature, Sussex University, UK
Research/Teaching: Communication, Philosophy and Culture, English Songs, Writing
Name: Chia Hua Chang (Jayce)
Position: Instructor
Office: T1148
Tel ext.: 8348
Email: chchang@stust.edu.tw
Degree: MA, Translating and Interpreting, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
MA, International Economics, University of Chung Cheng, R.O.C
Research/Teaching: Interpreting and translating, ESP (Business writing & Oral Business communication )